AUSTRALIA Memorie di guerra e prigionia 1940-1947 di ANTONIO CEDRONE

Limited release via Dr Alessandrina De Rubeis in San Donato Val di Comino

Costanzo Melino, Son of Anzano

by Rosa Melino and Joanne Tapiolas

Published in April 2019, Costanzo Melino, Son of Anzano follows the journey of Costanzo from his home town Anzano to Libya, India, Australia, his return to Italy and his migration to Australia.

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Son of Anzano

Walking in their Boots (only available as an eBook)

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Published in December 2017, Walking in their Boots is a record of  the 1500 Italian prisoners of war who came into Queensland from October 1943 to February 1946 to work on farms. It is a unique snapshot into this chapter in Queensland’s history and incorporates memories from Queensland farming families and Italian families.


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