John Oxley Library Award 2020

June 2020 was a special milestone for our project: Footprints of Italian Prisoners of War in Australia WW2. I was awarded the John Oxley Library Award which is part of the Queensland State Library Memory Awards.

My research into Italian Prisoners of War in Queensland (and Australia) has been recognised, but it is also recognition for the Italian and Australian families who have entrusted me with their memories. My virtual presentation begins at 3 minutes (link below)

Michelangelo Cutelle and Antonio Della Polla

(photos courtesy of Althea Kleidon)

Our community encompasses Italian and Australian families from 16 countries: Italy, Belgium, Poland, Scotland, England, USA, Canada, Denmark, The Netherlands, Argentina, France, Spain, Switzerland, Finland, Brazil and Australia.

This award has been made possible because of the generosity of the people in our ‘Footprints’ Community.   You are all: L’Amico del Prigioniero

3 thoughts on “John Oxley Library Award 2020

  1. Ann McLachlan

    Dear Joanne, Congratulations. Richly and Rightly Deserved for All Your Contributions to Keeping the Stories Alive and Helping So Many. Kind Regards,
    Ann McLachlan Dubbo Researcher and Librarian and Link with My Family and The Italians in SA and WWI Camps in Bourke NSW 0488161672



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