The Footprints of Italian Prisoners of War  project is a free service.

The research project is now an international community project with contributions from Italian and Australian families in 15 countries.  The website operates as a ‘virtual’ museum. Every ‘donation’ the museum grows this history.  Items such as photographs, documents, letters and memoirs, are valuable relics of this history.

You can help keep this project going with a purchase of Walking in their Boots as an eBook copy via Kobo.  While Walking in their Boots has a Queensland focus, much of the information is relevant to all Italian prisoners of war in Australia.

Contact me if you would like to contribute to this project:

  • do you have stories, memories and/or photos of  Italian Prisoners of War working on your family’s farm during World War 2
  • did your Nonno or Bis Nonno work on farms in  Australia
  • did your Nonno or Bis Nonno return to Australia after the war to make Australia their home
  • was your father or grandfather  army personnel who worked in the Prisoner of War Control Centres,  Prisoner of War Hostels  or Prisoner of War Camps

Joanne Tapiolas




(Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Posta Militare, Prigionieri In Austalia)