The Footprints of Italian Prisoners of War  project is a free service.  You can help keep this project going with a purchase of  a print copy of Walking in their Boots or with a purchase of an eBook copy via Kobo.  While Walking in their Boots has a Queensland focus, much of the information is relevant to all Italian prisoners of war in Australia.

Contact me if you would like to contribute to this project:

  • do you have stories, memories and/or photos of  Italian Prisoners of War working on your Queensland farm during World War 2
  • did your Nonno or Bis Nonno work on farms in Queensland
  • did your Nonno or Bis Nonno work on farms in other parts of Australia
  • did your Nonno or Bis Nonno return to Australia after the war to make Australia their home
  • was your father or grandfather  army personnel who worked in the Prisoner of War Control Centres in south-east Queensland or Prisoner of War Hostel Home Hill

Joanne Tapiolas




(Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Posta Militare, Prigionieri In Austalia)