No Fraternising

Cyril Blacket of Pinery South Australia met an Italian prisoner of war at his local church.  With good intentions, Cyril tried to communicate with the Italian farm worker, via the Pidgin English for Italian Prisoners of War booklet, with little success.  But Cyril felt that if he had a copy of the booklet, he might be able to make some progress.

On 3 July 1944, Cyril sent a letter to Officer-in-Charge, Defence Dept Headquarters Keswick: “I have been trying to help him but finding it very difficult to make him understand.  Such a book as you issue the prisoners would be a great help to me in conversing with him.  Could you oblige me by sending a copy along?” (NAA: D2380)

Unfortunately, Cyril Blacket’s fraternising was reported to the Deputy Director of Security and the Prisoner of War Control Officer at S3 Clare with advice and warning :

“There is a PW working for A.J. Stanley of Pinery to whom Mr Blacket may be referring.

PW are not allowed to fraternise with members of the public, PW Camp Order No. 13 Sec 68 (c).

It would be appreciated if Mr Blacket be warned accordingly.” (NAA: D2380)

1943 ‘How Some Italians Will Spik Inglisc’, News (Adelaide, SA : 1923 – 1954), 3 July, p. 3. , viewed 06 Feb 2020,

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