POW Camp Order No. 13

February 1944

  • Prisoner of War Camp Order No.13 is published and circulated
  • Mariposa transports 1014 Italian prisoners of war from India to Melbourne
  • Ruys transports 2028 Italian prisoners of war from India: a group disembarks at Fremantle and the the remainder disembark at Melbourne.
  • Italian prisoners of war in Australia total 11051 plus a group of merchant seamen from Remo and Romolo who were first processed as internees and then reassigned as prisoners of war.  In 1941, 4947 had been sent directly from Middle East to Sydney. During 1943 and 1944 transports brought Italian POWs from India.

I have been blessed with much luck while researching Italian Prisoners of War.

I might be researching a topic or a PWCC or a specific POW and one statement or one document will lead me to another and then another and then another.


(National Archives of Australia)

The booklet ‘ Prisoners of War Camp Order No. 13’ is one such find. Dated 18th February 1944  it contains eight parts:

  1. Preliminary
  2. Prisoners of War Camps
  3. Maintenance of Discipline
  4. Health and Hygiene
  5. Communication by and with Prisoners of War
  6. Privileges of Prisoners of War
  7. Prisoners of War Awaiting Trial
  8. Unguarded Prisoners

The previous Prisoners of War Camp Orders No. 1 to 12 were repealed upon publication of No. 13.  These orders are of a general nature, as they are the guidelines for the operation of all prisoner of war camps in Australia.

However, more comprehensive and detailed explanations of the operations of prisoner of war and internment camps in Australia can be found with the links below:

The ‘History of Directorate of Prisoners of War and Internees 1939 – 1951‘ is an invaluable document regarding this period of history as is the section Employment of Enemy PW and Internees.

I have also compiled a list of Further Reading  with links to information for India, UK, Zonderwater South Africa, Egypt  and Australian states.


2 thoughts on “POW Camp Order No. 13

  1. luigi

    Buongiorno, come posso avere questo libricino? A chi mi devo rivolgere? Mio padre era prigioniero nel campo n 13. Grazie


    1. JoanneinTownsville Post author

      Buongiorno Luigi, the POW Camp Order No. 13 is a procedure book for all prisoner of war camps in Australia. It is not a book for just one camp eg. Murchison No. 13 Camp or S13 Hostel Mt Burr-Mt Gambier-Penola. It was general guidelines for all camps in Australia. From memory, the guidelines are very general as explained in the list of 8 sections.

      For detailed information there are two very informative documents in the section ‘Further Reading’ on the website with links to the documents under the heading Australia
      italianprisonersofwar.com/2017/02/21/further-reading/ : History of Directorate of Prisoners of War and Internees AND Employment of Enemy PW and Internees.



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