Nonno Peppino’s Cowra Photos

Francesca Maffeitti has a valuable and sentimental collection of items belonging to her nonno Peppino. 

Two photos in her collection are the Cowra group photos taken in 16th September 1943 by Army photographer Michael Lewicki.

At 5’ 8” tall, Ippolito Moscatelli (Peppino) is noticeably taller than other men in the photos.  He is the man standing third on the left in the top photo and he is standing at the end of the right in the second photo.

These are the first ‘original’ photos I have seen. The Australian War Memorial in Canberra holds the Italian prisoners of war collection of photos.

Cowra 16th September 1943

(photo courtesy of Francesca Maffietti)

The regulations [regarding photographs] state that:

(a) Groups were to comprise not less than 10 PW

(b) PW were permitted to purchase two copies of photographs in which they appeared and two copies of photographs of general camp interest, for despatch to relatives…

 (d) Prints were supplied at a cost of 1/6d. each

But these are the first photos that I am aware of that made it home to Italy. There is an interesting stamp on the reverse of the photos: MILITARY HISTORY SECTION.  Nonno Peppino’s name and number is written in the bottom right corner; indicating these photos had been ordered and paid for; waiting collection.  

For perspective: Italian prisoners of war were paid 1 shilling threepence (1/3d) per day while working on farms. Each photos was 1 shilling sixpence. (1/6d)

Cowra 16th September 1943: Reverse of Photos

(photo courtesy of Francesca Maffietti)

3 thoughts on “Nonno Peppino’s Cowra Photos

  1. Montagna Lauro

    vedere queste foto e articoli riempie il cuore,nella seconda foto c’è mio papà Lauro raffaele,sto provando a cercare qualche foto di mio papà nell’archivio ma è molto complicato, sò per certo che ci deve essere una foto da solo, comprando un record sulla sua fuga da Cowra dovevano mandarmi la foto ma mai ricevuta, lei sta facendo davvero un lavoro ecomiabile,leggendola scopro sempre qualche tassello di quello che erano i prigionieri Italiani in Australia,Grazie di cuore.


    1. Montagna lauro

      grazie di cuore per la risposta,questo file lo ho, ma la foto manca, ma grazie per il tuo interessamento.un caro saluto dall’Italia



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