Buona Pasqua

Pasqua 1943: Apostolic Delegate in Australia Giovanni Panico wrote the preface for his publication

L’Amico del Prigioniero

L’amico del Prigioniero was distributed to Italian prisoners of war in 1943. It contained prayers, hymns, service of the mass and the liturgical calendar. In 1946, 75 years ago, Easter was celebrated on 21st April.

Did the Italian prisoners of war see Anno 1951 and ponder: is the war going to last this long!

4 thoughts on “Buona Pasqua


    Dear Madam Mapiolas,

    wishes you a Happy Easter too.

    With regard to the Apostolic Delegate Giovanni Panico, originally from a town near mine, as well as my sister-in-law’s great-uncle, I would like to send you by “wetransfer” nine photographs taken from the book dedicated to him: “Il Cardinale Panico e la sua terra”- Congedo editore – Galatina 1995.

    I hope they can be useful to your magnificent work.

    Thank you so much for your POW updates.


    Rocco De Micheli




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