Panico Visits the POW Camps

A special thank you to Rocco Severino De Micheli who has shared these photos of Dr Panico. The photos are taken from “Il Cardinale Panico e la sua terra”- Congedo editore – Galatina 1995.

As with the International Red Cross Delegate, Dr Panico was allowed to visit the prisoner of war camps in Australia. He was entitled to interact and speak freely with the Italians. The Italians could use the ‘Apostolic Message Service’: monthly messages not exceeding 25 words were permitted to be despatched by the prisoners of war via Dr Panico.

Some of those messages sent by Dr Panico were:

Am well. Kisses, regards to all.

Good health. Expect your news. Kisses.

Greetings, kisses. Best health. Best treatment.

The service also included families in Italy, sending messages to their sons, husbands, fathers and fiancés:

Scrivo continuamente. Papa. NA

Saluti all fidanzata. Papa PF

Vivo desiderio sposarti per procura. CC

Cowra March 1942

Murchison Easter 1942

Yanco December 1942


Liverpool December 1945

Repatriation 1946

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