May 1941 Middle East Prisoner of War Camps for Italians

The following is a list of Middle East Prisoner of War Camps as taken from official documents dated June 1941. The document refers to the instructions for the Evacuation of Italian Prisoners of War to Australia [AWM 63]

POW Camp No 304 Helwan

POW Camp No 305 El Tahag

POW Camp No 306 Geneifa

POW Camp No 307 Geneifa

POW Camp No 308 Alexandria

POW Camp No 309 Qassassin

POW Camp No 310 Suez

POW Camp No. 321 Latrun [Palestine]

General Headquarters Middle East issued the following on 7 June 1941:

All prisoners of war who are to be evacuated from Egypt will be taken from No. 310 Prisoner of War Camp Suez (exception Officers)

Officers will be taken from Geneifa Prisoner of War Camps but if there is a delay in embarkation, they will remain in Camp 310 Suez until called forward.

Commandant, No. 310 Prisoner of War Camp will be responsible for carrying out instructions…

  • The right type of Prisoners of War are sent to the respective destinations
  • The correct proportion of Chaplains and Medical Personnel accompany each party.
  • Prisoners of War have been properly searched and disinfected before embarkation.
  • Army W. 3000 has been completed and Part 1 accompany the Prisoners of War.
  • Nominal rolls have been compiled and that they accompany Prisoners of War, copies being forwarded immediately after embarkation to all concerned.
  • That a numerical state showing numbers embarked is immediately forwarded to all concerned, including A.G.S., General Headquarters.

This statement should show the different categories, i.e Officers, Medical Officers, Priests, other ranks, Medical other ranks. Also number of Officers and Other Ranks forming the escort.  In the case of Prisoners of War sent to India it is necessary in addition to differentiate between Italian Black Shirt Officers and other ranks and Italian Regular Army Officers and Other ranks.

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