Pregate per Noi

Every item crafted by the Italian prisoners of war is a valuable historical souvenir.
Kept safe for six years and during many transfers from India to Australia to Italy, indiviual men recorded their name and journey in diverse ways.

Alfredo Romeno a barber from San Lupo (Benevento) returned home to Italy with 3 precious embroideries he had sewn in the POW camp/s of India. He sewed his name, town, dates and memories in thread.

Alfredo Romeno from San Lupo Benevento Italy

All three have been framed and displayed in the home of his daughter Maria. They are a reminder of Alfredo’s survival as a prisoner of war and his safe return to his wife and son.

Grazie mille to the Romeno family for sharing photos of these embroideries.

Treasures in Thread is an article about embroideries and prisoners of war.

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